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Introducing Super Beauty Coffee Cherry Hibiscus Kombucha

Woman opening a can of Better Booch Super Beauty coffee cherry hibiscus kombucha tea

Super Beauty, a Better Booch sipper that’s an eclectic mashup of tart hibiscus, caramel coffee cherry, and subtly earthy organic oolong tea, packs enough antioxidants to power Superman’s cape, Wonder Woman’s lasso, or Thor’s hurtling hammer. Coffee, dark chocolate, and pomegranate or cranberry lovers will appreciate the touch sour, touch bitter undertones in this unpasteurized, raw kombucha.

Find out more about the research-supported potential benefits of drinking an infusion of coffee cherry, organic oolong, and hibiscus tea boosted with kombucha’s probiotic goodness.

Hibiscus Tea Benefits

Tea brewed with hibiscus is rich in phytochemicals and polyphenols, especially anthocyanins. That’s nutritional science-speak for lots of antioxidants. Hibiscus’ good bits may help provide a protective shield against diabetes1 and some types of cancer, and even kidney stones.

Hibiscus tea may also provide anti-inflammatory, blood sugar and blood pressure lowering, and even body fat reduction2. It’s used in 10 countries to treat high blood pressure3 and high LDL cholesterol (that’s the “bad” boogeyman kind) with no reported side effects.

Hibiscus is head of the class of holistic healers, but what else is hibiscus tea good for? It lends a sassy scarlet hue to tea and imparts a naturally tart flavor, like unsweetened cranberries. The pleasing zingy taste may also aid in digestion4.

Better Booch Super Beauty is brewed with hibiscus flower and organic oolong tea, which has its own bounty of benefits.

Organic Oolong Tea Benefits

Oolong tea packs more than 100 chemical components that may improve human health5. It can impact our biology6 in anticancer, anti-diabetic, cholesterol-lowering, and immune-stimulating ways. Some type 2 diabetics who drank oolong tea instead of just water lowered the amount of glucose7 in their blood.

Mouse studies show that the polyphenols in oolong tea can change the gut microbiota8. If you want to geek out on the specific gut bacteria strains impacted in rodents, an increase in bacteroidetes and a decrease in firmicutes9 happened after two months of oolong tea consumption.

While research on rodents doesn’t always translate exactly to humans (it’s more complicated and gross to study changes in the human gut microbiota… think stool samples), this data still shows promise. You can see the probiotic potential that oolong tea combined with kombucha, which is rich in live probiotic strains, can have on your belly bugs.

Coffee Cherry (Cascara) Benefits

To make this raw kombucha truly worthy of its name, we looked for a polyphenol-packed powerhouse to add a little boost to the tart hibiscus and woody, warm oolong. We landed on coffee cherry, or cascara, which adds a flavor mashup of mango, red currant, and rose hips. Cascara comes from red coffee cherries that are often tossed out during the coffee production process.

Cascara contains antioxidants (polyphenols and anthocyanins), vitamin C, alkaloids, tannins, and caffeine10. It even has anti-radical, anti-cancer, and vitality-boosting properties11 that prove eight times as potent as those in blueberries.

Now you can see how Super Beauty got her cape. She delivers beauty from the inside out.


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