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Rose Bliss (16oz Can - 12 Pack)
Rose Bliss
(16oz Can - 12 Pack)

Rose + White Tea

Zero chill? Not you. You’re drinking a brew that’s packed with anti-inflammatory rose and mind-sharpening white tea. Get ready to watch anxiety disappear in the rear-view.


Product ships in an eco-friendly recyclable cold package. Please keep refrigerated.

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A Beneficial Brew
Morning Glory - Better Booch

We’re big believers in the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s how you make kombucha - with just tea, water, sugar, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY!), and a whole lot of time - and it’s how we define our approach to health.

Morning Glory - Better Booch

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Heartbroken it's gone

Was able to order one more case before it was gone. Rose Bliss was my absolute favorite kombucha ever. It will be hard to move on from this one :(

Another great flavor!

As mentioned previously, I was also a little nervous about the Rose Bliss. In fact, this was the only flavor I hadn't tasted. I'm not much of a floral fan, but, like all the other BB flavors, this is subtle and delicious. So glad I tried it.
I had occasion on this last order to require communication with the BB customer service on a shipping issue, and they responded personally with a detailed, personal email, not a canned response. This is very impressive given how a lot of business is done these days. A great company all the way around--fast shipping, well packed and super cold when it arrives, and an AMAZING product!

We're glad to hear you enjoyed Rose Bliss! Thank you so much for the kind words ,we appreciate you!

Worth it!

I was nervous about this one, as I can’t find it in stores and nine cans is a commitment. Floral kombuchas can really be hit or miss. This one is a hit! The rose isn’t too rosy, and the white tea is fabulous. What a perfect pairing! 

Jennifer Rice
Best Kombucha ever!

I tasted Better Booch for the first time in December. Since then I have been drinking one a day! For years I drank GTS and I haven't gone back since I tasted my first Better Booch!
I also love that they are a grassroots business and that they answer communication personally.
I highly recommend this product for people who want a high quality healthy drink.
I even reuse the shipping containers on my balcony for produce that doesn't fit in the fridge.
Palo Alto, Ca

Love this Flavor but more muted

I've been drinking these for a few years and this flavor has really become my second favorite. It may have been acquired but I really love it now. It does taste/smell like rose but it's really good. I bought a case of this and the Cherry Retreat and have no complaints. Delivery was fast and secure.

Brewed in Los ANGELES.

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Better Booch Instagram
Better Booch Instagram
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