Our Kombucha

Better Booch Kombucha: Certified Organic Flavors

Truly Raw
& Organic

  • Made with Premium Loose-Leaf Tea
  • No Added Juice, Syrups or Sweeteners
  • Billions of Probiotics for a Healthy Boost
  • Expertly Brewed, Bottled & Canned In-House

Brewing kombucha is as much science
as art. We’re a booch that can do both.

With an expert team of brewers which includes a flavor Chemist, a Microbiologist, and a
Chef, we know our brew inside and out. From that understanding, we’ve crafted 9 unique
and delicious flavors, using only teas, herbs, and botanicals.


Great kombucha starts with great ingredients. We use premium, loose-leaf teas, herbs and botanicals to brew – and it shows.


We’ve done our homework. We’ve spent years mastering the science of kombucha brewing, and only the best makes it to the bottle.

The Science of Taste

The brain registers flavor at a variety of points on the tongue. Better Booch kombucha contains a delicate balance of acids, which gives the perception of sweetness without any added sugar.

Better Booch Kombucha Los Angeles

Better Booch Kombucha is
Verified Non-Alcoholic

Labelling accurately is of the utmost importance for us; which is why every batch of Better Booch kombucha is quadruple tested for alcohol content and yeast count, to ensure that what’s on the outside of the bottle matches what’s on the inside.

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