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Seasonal Release
Ginger Spice (16oz Can - 12 Pack)
Ginger Spice
(16oz Can - 12 Pack)

Ginger + Cinnamon + Turmeric + Black Tea

Spice has arrived. This tempting treat delivers show-stopping flavors of ginger and cinnamon, as well as gut-healing goodness. Matched with calming turmeric to put your best vibes out into the world. After all, that’s what you really, really want…


For this seasonal flavor, we’ve teamed up with artist Bailey Elder, located in Denver, CO to feature her graceful, ethereal patterns on the Ginger Spice cans. Her work is deeply immersed in nature - if you stare or squint to blur the lines, her art reflects abstract, flowy shapes. Each piece is a beautiful expression, from the feminine curves of flower petals, the play of the sun’s rays or a babbling brook. Visit to find out more!

Product ships in an eco-friendly recyclable cold package. Please keep refrigerated.

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A Beneficial Brew
Ginger Spice (16oz Can - 12 Pack)

We’re big believers in the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s how you make kombucha - with just tea, water, sugar, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY!), and a whole lot of time - and it’s how we define our approach to health.

Ginger Spice (16oz Can - 12 Pack)

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Brewed in Los ANGELES.


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