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N/Ative Sparkling Rosé Alt-Wine (750ml bottle)
N/Ative Sparkling Rosé Alt-Wine
(750ml bottle)

Kombucha Tea + Sencha Tea + Guayusa Tea + Rose Petals

Summer breeze, and N/Ative Sparkling Rosé Alt-Wine makes you feel fine. Top notes of blood orange and grapefruit over a bouquet of hibiscus and rose, elevate a maple-fermented kombucha base. All you need to call in the good vibes, with none of the next-day headache.

Native is a Sparkling Non Alcoholic wine with function-focused bioactives. Made using fine brewed teas, and botanicals, and boosted with our proprietary Native+ pre, pro and postbiotics for a full spectrum of flavor and gut-healthy benefits. It comes in a wine bottle, so you can finally bring something you want to drink to the party.

Please keep refrigerated.


We believe that nature provides us with everything we need to thrive. Native is from the earth, through our hands, and straight to you, optimized for wherever living takes you. Each one of our carefully selected ingredients builds upon the natural magic of tea itself, offering a delicious way to feel your best.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jacob Schaffer
Absolutely Perfect

Highly recommended for its refreshing taste, beautiful presentation, and the added bonus of being a healthier, non-alcoholic option.

Colleen Ledford
I love this alt wine

I enjoyed this drink so much! It is light and fruity but not to much. Really a perfect drink for a summer afternoon or evening


One bottle was completely opened!!not happy!!

Brewed in Los ANGELES.

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