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Behind the Design with Bailey Elder

Behind the Design with Bailey Elder

Bailey Elder, an artist who lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband and son, rejuvenates when immersed in nature. If you stare at her art long enough or squint to blur the lines, you can see the patterns of nature in the abstract, flowy shapes. Each piece reflects a moment experienced in nature — the feminine curves of flower petals, the play of the sun’s rays on a babbling brook.

We teamed up with Elder to feature her graceful, ethereal expressions on our newest Better Booch flavor, Ginger Spice. Keep reading to learn what keeps her inspired and how she manages the energy demands of motherhood with artistry.

Have you always been an artist, and what drew you to become one?

I have always been an artist! I think everyone is, it's just putting it into practice or re-considering what validates you as an artist. It turns out that I am really not good at anything else... I was going to study Biology because I like flowers and animals, but turns out there's a lot of science involved with that ha, and my brain does NOT operate that way. Drawing and painting is fun for me, and I think if you find something that you have fun with and turn it into a career, that's when the best flow happens and ideas come naturally when you genuinely love doing it!

Where do you get inspiration from for your designs?

I get inspiration from lots of places, art history, mainly abstract expressionists, like the early NY pioneers of that movement, the legendary 9th street exhibition. Also I get a lot of my inspiration from taking breaks and tuning in. Whether that is a few days in the mountains, or tuning in with the help from plant friends. I think it's important to have a refresher every once in a while. I used to meditate a lot, but having a baby really limits your time throughout the day... and you have to choose what you want to do with it! Meditation I think is a great way to connect to the source and let the universe direct your art practice.

Do you have a favorite medium or style and why?

I like to paint. I do a lot of digital work and illustration, which ultimately helps with my painting, practicing free hand forms, etc. Painting is tactile and creates an original object, which I love. I also love that painting is an ancient medium, and that it takes physical movement to make a painting.

Has your new baby impacted your creative process or your flow at all or do you feel more inspired?

Having a baby has been a huge reality check. I have so much less free time, I am balancing my art practice with being a mom. It can be overwhelming to be honest, we do not have any family close by and my partner has a more conventional 9–5 job. It's just me and baybay all day, so I really have come to cherish nap time! I have a lot less time to experiment with my painting, but I have recently realized that this is such an important part of my practice, and even though I may have other "jobs" that have deadlines, etc. I need to have time to play and expand my work. I think as time goes on Remi will definitely have more and more impact on my work and its subject.

Why did you decide you wanted to work with Better Booch?

I really enjoy creating art for new mediums and a can design was an exciting canvas for me. I love kombucha too, so all the better!

Can you tell us about the design that was selected to be printed on the new Better Booch flavor?

The design is an intuitive, biomorphic form that I think pairs well with the Better Booch can layout.

How can customers who see your design connect with you and learn more about your work?

Connect with me in the ether, the upper regions of the sky beyond the clouds.

You can also follow Bailey on Instagram and reach out to her on her website.

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