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How much exact caffeine for each flavor?

We are a craft kombucha company in that we use a variety of teas in our different flavors. For example, our Rose Bliss is white tea, which is a very delicate tea that has very low caffeine. For Cherry Retreat we use a black tea that is bold and robust in flavor and has a higher caffeine level. However, we should say that our kombucha on average has way less caffeine than your typical cup of black tea, which is about 27mg.  Depending on which flavor, there is between 3 to 10 mg of caffeine in our kombucha per serving.

What is the alcohol content per can?

Kombucha is a fermented product and may contain trace amounts of alcohol. Our products are non-alcoholic, so they contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or providing kombucha to young children and have any concerns, consult your doctor before consuming. Our product is also unpasteurized to keep the natural kombucha culture alive. The risks food-borne illness associated with consuming unpasteurized dairy and juice are not associated with unpasteurized kombucha. Regardless, it may always be a good idea to consult your doctor before consuming.

Do you offer a 4 pack so I can see if I like it?

We don’t currently offer a 4 pack, however you can get 10% off our most popular variety packs by signing up for our newsletter. We think you’ll love them!

Where can I purchase your kombucha?

You can purchase our 12 packs on our website, including our limited releases that you can’t find anywhere else. You can also find us at thousands of locations across the country. Check out our store finder here.

Does Better Booch Kombucha need to be refrigerated?

We go to great lengths keeping our kombucha cold from the time it's brewed all the way until it arrives on your doorstep.  Better Booch Kombucha contains live cultures that can continue to ferment if left too long at room temperature. To keep the kombucha from foaming over excessively or tasting too sour, we recommend that you always refrigerate.

Will my kombucha arrive cold?

Yes! We ship in eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging that keeps our kombucha cold. Please note: even if your kombucha arrived warm, you can still safely consume the product if you received it within 4 days of the ship date.

Why do you use aluminum cans?

We can assure you that drinking our Kombucha from aluminum cans is safe. We made the switch from glass bottles to aluminum as they are more environmentally friendly and more recyclable! While the body of the can is made from aluminum, the insides of the cans are lined with a BPANI epoxy (BPA Free) liner to protect our product from the aluminum! Every commercially available can uses the liners to keep products from contacting the metal. These food grade liners are tested at extremely high temperatures for any trace of chemical leaching, and none has been shown. We also conduct testing with our can suppliers to assure that the cans do not pose any risk to our product specifically. I hope that clears up any fears you have about drinking from an aluminum can.

Do you use any artificial or natural flavors?

Some of our Kombucha flavors feature organic natural flavors. The term natural flavor or natural flavoring means that all the constituents are derived from natural sources - the original ingredients are found in nature and then purified and extracted. We purchase our natural flavorings from a flavor company that developed them specifically for our products. There are no synthetic chemicals or artificial flavors used in our products.

Does our kombucha have any dietary benefits?

We have always tried to find opportunities to use ingredients and herbs that are known for their functional characteristics. On our website, each of our kombucha flavors have their ingredients and notes on potential benefits on the website in the "Our Kombucha" section. We always like to advise that people reach out to their Dietician or personal healthcare provider about whether kombucha can support you in your overall health goals. For the very reason that there is a lack of clinical testing with natural remedies, we support research for natural therapies. As new information is available, we will share and link on our company blog.

How much kombucha should I consume per day?

There are no specific guidelines for consumption as this is more of a preference. Each can is a serving and has the nutritionals for guidance. As a general rule, we believe consistency is key. Incorporating good practices into your daily or weekly routine is where you will begin to see results. That being said, we recommend you enjoy as much of our kombucha as often as you like! 

How do I edit my subscription or shipping information?

You can find your subscription information here. You’ll just need to log into your account. You can reset your password if you’ve forgotten your login information.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the sensitive temperature and packaging requirements for shipping our raw, organic kombucha cans, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or cancel an order after it has been processed. Learn more here.

If you didn't find an answer to your question, please reach out to us at!

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! Shipping is free for orders over $50 as well as all subscriptions.

What is your shipping schedule around the holidays?

For orders to arrive before 12/24, please make your purchase by 12/14. We cannot guarantee delivery after that date.


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