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A Note From the Cofounder: February 26, 2021

A Note From the Cofounder: February 26, 2021 - Better Booch Kombucha

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The date is February 29th 2020. A group of over 300 gather at Row DTLA, a modern industrial compound in Los Angeles, replete with artisanal restaurants, retailers, and light-filled co-working spaces. A cavernous, concrete-and-glass studio has been softened by enormous floral installations, a jungle’s worth of green plants, vintage Turkish rugs and pillows, and a gracious group of wellness practitioners offering their services; acupuncture, massage, facials, reiki, therapy, vitamin B shots, and everything in-between. On the agenda is a full day of yoga, panel discussions featuring thought leaders in the wellness, health and mindfulness spaces, guided meditations, great food, and yes, even a kombucha bar. 

I’m talking about Better Booch’s first and only event of 2020, ‘Better and Well.’ Our modest team worked exhaustively for months, making sure every detail was accounted for. It was to be the first in a series of events we had planned for 2020, in the spirit of cultivating community, sparking conversation, and encouraging discovery. For many of us, it was the last time we gathered with friends in public. Thinking back to how stressed out I was in the weeks leading up to Better and Well, how concerned I was about the plants and the attendance numbers… ‘Will people show up? Will they like it? For God’s sake, do we have enough plants???’…  It seems like a trivial, far-away dream. No one knew the extent of how life as we knew it was about to change. 


One thing is for certain: 2020 has changed us, deeply. Many of us still live in a state of profound uncertainty. Whatever your experience has been, I hope there have been moments of sweetness to balance all the bitter. I hope you have people who love you to talk to. I hope you can find kindness, in yourself, for yourself. 

There is a quote I remember seeing (I’m sure it’s on one of those pieces of word art on someone’s wall): “Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when shared.” I would love it if you would respond to our newsletter this week and share with me something that has made you smile or has inspired you in the past year. I’ll round them up and share them (anonymously, of course) in my next letter. 

Until then, 

Peace, love, and Better Booch!
Xx Ashleigh Lockerbie 

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