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Behind the Design with Sean W Spellman

Behind the Design with Sean W Spellman

Foggy and crisp mornings, early sunsets, sidewalks peppered with crunchy leaves...fall is in full swing which means it’s time for our newest Seasonal Artist Series! This season, we had the absolute pleasure of partnering with Sean W Spellman who you may recognize from Dwell Magazine and Rolling Stone, or from his collaborations with brands like GAP and Stetson (just to name a few!) for the Ginger Spice can artwork.

Having previously roamed the country in a van, Sean has since laid roots about a mile from the ocean in Rhode Island where he practices a multitude of artistic mediums. Sean’s work is a navigation of idea and thought that meet at the crossroads of simplicity, where minimal form and communication serve to encourage imaginative wanderings of the human mind and innocent curiosity, in the guise of rudimentary lines, shapes and colors.

From the moment we encountered Sean’s work, one of his signature depictions of a rolling sea and golden sunset, we knew he would be the perfect artist for our fall/winter seasonal brew. His soothing artwork pairs perfectly with the calming feeling one gets from drinking Ginger Spice. And to celebrate the launch of our new Seasonal Artist Series, we had a chance to chat with Sean and learn a little bit more about his process. 

Where are you from, how did you first become interested in making art? 

I live in Westerly, Rhode Island. I’ve been consciously interested in art since I saw a painting of a wave at the age of 12.

What compelled you to pursue art as a career?

Lucky for me, my art “career” came as a surprise.

What was your approach for creating the Ginger Spice artwork? 

I wanted to create something that would be recognizable and casual. The Better Booch Experts helped me make that a reality. 

Why did you want to partner with Better Booch?

I love fermented beverages.

Where do you go to get inspired/ stay inspired in this digital age where everyone is getting fed the same images and information?

The hammock in my backyard. And when I can’t avoid the wifi there I attempt to go anywhere without a screen.

Who / what along the way was critical to your success?

My family, friends, records, books, and my van.

Can you share your typical morning routine? 

Wake up tired, hug my gang, eat oatmeal, maybe walk to check the raspberry bushes, sit in the sun for a bit and then take a hot and cold shower outside. I take all of my showers outside until the weather gets below freezing.

Are you working on any exciting projects right now? If so, do you want to share a little bit about them?

I have a concert/event series called Westerly Sound. Westerly Sound is an ongoing series of cultural events programmed in and around the coastal community of Westerly, RI, midway between New York City and Boston. Each with a music component, Westerly Sound presents art, food, film and concert events in unique spaces throughout Westerly and its surrounding areas.

They say 3 beverages is the ideal number to keep at your desk… what are your 3?

I don't have a desk but if I did, my 3 beverages would be a glass of structured water, hemp tea, and coconut water out of a coconut.

Want to see more of Sean’s work? Follow him on Instagram @seanwspellman.

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