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5 Alternatives That Are Wayyyy Better Than Soda

5 Alternatives That Are Wayyyy Better Than Soda - Better Booch Kombucha

Health isn’t about being perfect; we believe it’s a continuum, where all the everyday little choices add up and contribute to the overall flow. Things like throwing a handful of spinach into our morning smoothie, or taking a walk after you’ve been sitting at a desk all afternoon, do make a difference. Sometimes it can feel like wellness is all or nothing. But the truth is, you can take a 2 hour yoga class and then eat a burger because it’s all about finding the right balance for your wellbeing. One choice that’s getting easier to make is opting for soda alternatives and saying goodbye to sticky sweet drinks packed with ingredients we can’t pronounce.

Corsa Co

When you’re craving that classic cola flavor Corsa Co’s Kola botanical tonic is a great alternative. Plant-based ingredients paired with natural sweeteners like monk fruit and stevia can satisfy your sweet tooth without heaps of sugar. 


Better Booch

Oh hey, it’s us! Unlike soda, which has zero nutrients, Better Booch is brimming with beneficial acids, probiotics, and antioxidants. And because we flavor our kombucha with loose-leaf teas, botanicals, herbs, and adaptogens, there’s only 5g of sugar per serving. Unlike a lot of soda alternatives, we don’t use any powdered sweeteners or juice to add flavor to our booch. 


Tip: If you’re a fan of ginger ale or ginger beer, our Ginger Boost kombucha is the perfect swap! 


The 1st Asian-inspired sparkling water, Sanzo uses real fruit without any added sugars. With flavors like Lychee, Calamansi, and Mango, this sparkling water celebrates high quality ingredients while delivering a delicious drinking experience. If you’re tired of all other seltzers, try Sanzo. 


Rapscallion Soda

Rapscallion is a low calorie soda handmade in Glasgow using only seasonal and raw ingredients. Because of their commitment to using ingredients sourced from local markets, flavors are only released for limited periods of time when they’re in season. How cool is that?



A calorie-free and alcohol-free sparkling water brewed with hops, HOP WTR has added adaptogens and nootropics for a balanced buzz without the booze. HOP WTR is for those times when you’re looking for soda alternatives with some edge. Plus, they come in fully recyclable aluminum cans which is something that’s very near and dear to our hearts. 


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