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Guava Cooler (16oz Can - 12 Pack)
Guava Cooler
(16oz Can - 12 Pack)

Mango + Guava + Makrut Lime

Hold my calls. Juicy mango and tantalizing guava delight the taste buds and a hint of tart makrut lime refreshes like an island breeze. Now all we need is the hammock.


Product ships in an eco-friendly recyclable cold package. Please keep refrigerated.

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A Beneficial Brew
Guava Cooler (16oz Can - 12 Pack)

We’re big believers in the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s how you make kombucha - with just tea, water, sugar, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY!), and a whole lot of time - and it’s how we define our approach to health.

Guava Cooler (16oz Can - 12 Pack)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Natalie Gomez
Guava cooler

This is my flavor is my favorite, and I am having trouble finding it at any local stores:( but i will continue to buy online if I need to!!!!

We're happy to hear that it's your favorite! I hope you've had success in finding it locally. Your your continued support truly means a lot to us!


This is one of my new favorites! Hits all the right notes, very refreshing!

Missing the fruity flavor

When I saw Guava and Mango I got really excited and ordered it right away. It's missing some flavor pop to it. It's still good but I feel like it could be better.

Love Mango

Interesting flavor. I love Mango and this booch is not too strong. Nice!

Very refreshing, needs more fruit!

Was super excited to try this new variety over the summer as a lover of both guava and mango. Was kind of let down by the amount of both flavors in this new variety, didn't get much guava at all except that slight dry mouth feeling you get when consuming guava, more of a very light guava essence... and mango? I actually forgot this variety even had mango in it, doesn't come across at all really. All in all, not bad - but likely not what you are expecting by the description of the flavor. Very refreshing, just the right amount of sweetness, but needs more fruit flavor to live up to the name of "Guava Cooler."

Hey James! Thanks for the feedback. We really value thoughts like this and are happy to share with you that as of Fall 2022, we did a refresh on Guava Cooler. In fact it's one of our founders' new favorites and is now included in the Tropical Variety Pack.

Brewed in Los ANGELES.

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