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At first, we were a couple of touring musicians.

But as we traveled around the United States and abroad, we noticed a major lack of healthy food options available to us. We craved connectedness to a community and a healthier lifestyle. While at home, Trey had been brewing kombucha for his sister, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kombucha was known for its potentially anti-cancerous properties…but not for tasting good.

We set off to make a better booch, hoping to promote natural remedies through a brew that is labeled accurately and meticulously tested for quality.

We founded Better Booch
to make the healthy choice,
the obvious choice.

City of Hope

Trey began brewing kombucha at home when his sister was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. Throughout Trey’s sister’s journey (a successful one! She loves Better Booch), we learned about the great divide between allopathic medicine (the modern medical kind) and naturopathic medicine (focused on helping the body to heal itself naturally). We believed the two could work together in powerful ways.

We’ve partnered with City of Hope because their groundbreaking Program in Natural Therapies is doing just that. They take natural compounds found in foods like blueberries, mushrooms, and pomegranates, and put them through clinical trials, seeking non-toxic treatments for cancer and other diseases. We’ve been thrilled to support their efforts since 2017.


Brand Values

  • Create

    We want to get messy, look for adventure, and stay curious. Why? Because we want to keep our creative fires a’blazin, and that’s the best way we know how. Also it’s super fun. The idea that we can create and ship our OWN recipes from our OWN brewery to be enjoyed by people we’ve never met…that might just be the coolest thing ever.

  • Cultivate

    *Booch isn’t built in a day – or at least, yours shouldn’t be. Like all great things, it takes time for a dynamic brew to flourish. We’re all about being selective and giving the things we love the time and attention they need to grow.

  • Cure

    Health is Queen in our minds. Without her, everything else fades. That’s why we got into the kombucha business, and it’s why we proudly support non-toxic cancer research through City of Hope’s Program of Natural Therapies. 
Read more about that here!

  • Educate

    There’s eating and drinking, and then there’s wellness. In today’s world it can feel like there are no right answers on this subject. Our stance is that health is a continuum, where all the little everyday choices add up, and contribute to the overall flow. 

We aim to guide, support, and bring ideas to this issue in any way we can, beyond just providing delicious Booch.


Our Impact
for a Better

We are the first generation to experience the impact of climate change, and the last who can do something about it. Besides choosing recyclable packaging like aluminum cans, we work with local farmers who use our post-brew tea leaves as compost. When we serve you on tap at an event or market, you’re sipping out of a compostable cup. We’ve spent countless hours sourcing the best options for sustainable shipping materials; when ordering from our website, your package arrives in a recyclable cardboard box, with water-soluble insulation. Perfection is impossible, but we believe in the compounding effect of many small steps in the right direction.