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Better For Everybody: Meet Pro Dancer Meagan Kong

Better For Everybody: Meet Pro Dancer Meagan Kong

The Better Booch vibe is overall fun, cool, and, most importantly, good for you. So, when we meet people that not only get it but embody that energy, we're pretty thrilled. Case in point: Meagan Kong, a professional dancer, athlete, trainer, actress, and Better Booch lover. 

Recently (and just in time for International Women's Day on March 8th), we hung out with Kong for our Better For Everybody campaign, which is our ongoing campaign that will highlight creatives with unique backgrounds that are wildly inspiring and empowering. Keep scrolling to learn more about the multi-hyphenate. 

Why Meagan Kong Embodies Better For Everybody

Kong, who was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, grew up dancing competitively with one mission in mind: to get paid to do what she loves. Fast forward to now, and it's safe to say that her vision has become a reality. 

Since moving to sunny Los Angeles for college (she has a business marketing and dance degree), Kong has been busy accumulating accolades. To say her resume is impressive would be an understatement. Kong has worked with major brands such as Adidas, Foot Locker, Snapchat, and Oakley. She's shared stages with numerous icons, including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Rihanna—no big deal. Kong was also on BET's scripted series "Hit The Floor" and the CW's comedy series "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." 

All that said, it's not her impressive list of accomplishments that makes her the embodiment of the Better for Everybody ethos. Rather, it's her genuine heart, infectious spirit, and unshakable confidence that makes it hard to take your eyes off her. If you follow her on Instagram, you know this to be true. From lip singing videos in her bathrobe to Britney Spears-inspired dance clips, to LOL-inducing Reels about eating Cheetos (because #balance), Kong is truly a joy to watch. 

Meagan Kong's Wellness Secrets

As someone whose literal job is to move, it's no surprise that fitness is a huge part of Kong's wellness routine. "My wellness journey 100% revolves around movement," Kong tells Better Booch. "I always say that motion is the lotion. So whether I'm dancing or working out, whenever I'm moving, I'm well." 

Her relationship with fitness, however, hasn't always been so peachy. "A turning point for me was when I was trying to be in peak condition all the time," Kong confesses. "I let it get to my head. I became obsessive about food, about ‘how frequently can I work out.’ That's not sustainable, and it was taking away my quality of life. I've learned how to pull all these things that I love to keep me in peak condition, both mentally and physically." 

And because she's not one to keep all the feel good-secrets to herself, Kong shares all her wellness wisdom via her blog, You Kong Do It, which is a fun play on words that honors her Chinese heritage. On the bookmark-worthy blog, you'll learn things like her favorite supplements, her first surf lesson, and tips on how she stays on track with her wellness routine while traveling. 

Spoiler alert: Her strategy for staying on top of her game all these years is simple yet powerful. "It's about consistency and authenticity because you gotta keep it real to keep it going," she writes on her site—our kind of girl. 

One of her most recent accomplishments is opening up Kong Fit Club (6015 Santa Monica Boulevard #201, Los Angeles, CA 90038). After hosting tons of fitness events all over Los Angeles and virtually, Kong made her IRL dreams come true by opening her fitness studio in Los Angeles. 

Kong Fit Club offers a mix of different workout styles, so there's always something new to try—think power yoga, HIIT, strength training, and of course, dance classes led by Kong herself. And let's just say she brings the energy. "Beginner level dance choreography, advanced level hype," reads the dance class description. In other words, you’re in for a good time and a good sweat. If you’re in the area, definitely swing by for a class. As Kong would say, #YouKongDoIt too. 

Stay tuned for more unique, inspirational individuals in our Better For Everybody campaign.

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