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Better For Everybody: Meet Mimi Kirk

Better For Everybody: Meet Mimi Kirk

Better for Everybody: Get to Know Raw Food Chef Mimi Kirk

Saying Mimi Kirk is #goals would be an understatement. The Hollywood-born wellness advocate, raw food chef, and best-selling author is 83 years young and thriving, and we can't help but be captivated by her radiance. If anyone embodies Better Booch's "good life" vibe, it's definitely her. As part of our ongoing Better for Everybody campaign highlighting inspiring creatives with interesting stories, we hung out with Kirk IRL to learn more about her and her secrets for living your best life. You may want to take some notes. 

She values health and wellbeing 

Not only is Kirk in excellent health, she also feels decades younger than her chronological age, and she credits her youthful energy to her positive attitude, zest for life, and a raw vegan diet. "A turning point for me was when I got a prescription from my doctor that my cholesterol and blood pressure was high," she tells us. "I woke up, and I said okay, I gotta get more series, and I went raw vegan, and I think that changed everything for me." 

She's a healthy foodie through and through

Kirk has been vegetarian and vegan for 50 years. She was even crowned sexiest vegetarian over 50 by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) at the age of 70, no big deal. So you know she's full of healthy eating and longevity tips. Lucky for us, she's not one to keep her secrets to herself. Kirk loves helping others transition to a plant-based raw food diet through recipes on her site (think almond pecan truffle balls, stuffed portobello mushrooms, and decadent cacao milkshakes), all with a focus on natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. 

She's also compiled her best recipes in numerous books on eating raw foods, modern juicing, teas, plant-based dog food, and more—all of which she penned in her 70s. In other words, she literally wrote the book(s) on healthy living. 

She doesn't let age stand in her way

Beyond raw food and healthy eating, Kirk also preaches the importance of self-love above all else. "I think you have to have self-love because when you have that, then you want to do everything for yourself like you would for someone you love," she says. And she doesn't just dish out this advice to everyone. She walks the walk too. 

Kirk recently immersed herself in her passion for painting, allowing her inner child to play freely. "I paint to express my life and what I see and feel. I love abstract painting. It's so freeing. Like letting my hair go grey," she shared in an Instagram post. "I hope I can inspire you to see that age does not stand in the way of passion and creativity. Live every moment and show gratitude," she wrote in another post. 

TL;DR: Kirk inspires us to eat healthy, practice self-love, and embrace aging with grace. Her next mission: "Showing women and men how to be their authentic self," she says. It's safe to say she leads by example. 

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