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CHA Hibiscus Ginger Lime (12oz Can - 12 Pack)
CHA Hibiscus Ginger Lime
(12oz Can - 12 Pack)

white tea + hibiscus + ginger + lemon + lime + maca

Prebiotic sparkling iced tea with tangy superflower hibiscus and subtly-sweet lime are pulled together by spicy ginger, with notes of white tea and mood-boosting maca.

Please note: We’ve changed our brewing process slightly to improve quality and it will now require refrigeration

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We believe that nature provides us with everything we need to thrive. Cha is from the earth, through our hands, and straight to you, optimized for wherever living takes you. Each one of our carefully selected ingredients builds upon the natural magic of tea itself, offering a delicious way to feel your best.

Customer Reviews

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Alondra Arana
Absolutely Incredible

I picked up a 'CHA Hibiscus Ginger Lime' can at Sprouts Farmers Market simply off the strength of the gorgeous packaging. I was of course browsing for a new health conscientious drink, having been recovering from a severe urinary tract infection, and I was SO blown away by the brilliance of this drink. On the front portion of the can, the drink promises to be mood elevating, and a catalyst for providing you with inspiration and elevation. When I drank this I felt so rejuvenated and whole- I even listened to the Wharton Business Radio feature Better Booch had in 2020. I want to drink this everyday for the rest of my life, I am so serious... what a wonderful product this is, not only for its health benefits, but because of the intention it was made with. 10/10, I will recommend this to everyone I know!

Brewed in Los Angeles


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