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Pineapple Spice Tepache (16oz Can - 12 Pack)
Pineapple Spice Tepache
(16oz Can - 12 Pack)

pineapple + cinnamon + pu-erh tea

Fall/Winter 2023 seasonal collaboration with Thomas Rodehuth-Harrison!


This time, our ever-favorite seasonal can has a *spicy* twist. Pineapple, spice, and everything nice. Let our take on the traditional Mexican drink send your taste buds to the moon and back. Pick up and pop open sweet, tangy, cinnamon-y heaven.


We teamed up with Thomas, located here in Los Angeles, to feature his designs on our can with an incredible new flavor: Pineapple Spice Tepache. Thomas wanted to draft up specific flowers that bloom in the last days of summer and early autumn, stating "their vibe is different from flowers you see in spring or summer. They are telling us to 'get cozy', 'feel a cold breeze coming in' or 'put on one more layer'.”


Product ships in an eco-friendly recyclable cold package. Please keep refrigerated.

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We’re big believers in the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s how you make kombucha - with just tea, water, sugar, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY!), and a whole lot of time - and it’s how we define our approach to health.

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Brewed in Los ANGELES.

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