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Better For Everybody: Meet Ben Jaffe

Better For Everybody: Meet Ben Jaffe

Better For Everybody: Meet Musician Ben Jaffe 

It’s not often you come across someone who’s not only incredibly talented but also has good energy—the kind that makes you feel comfortable like you’ve known them forever. Musician Ben Jaffe falls into that category, which was one of the many reasons including him in Better Booch’s ongoing Better for Everybody campaign was a no-brainer. “I was literally drinking Better Booch,” he said of the moment he got the call to be part of the campaign, which shines a spotlight on inspiring creatives that embody the brand’s good life vibes. Clearly, the stars (er, booch) were aligned. 

We spent some time with Jaffe recently and learned about his impressive music career, wellness journey, and thoughts on the Citrus Sunrise flavored booch (spoiler alert: he’s a fan for its “manageable fizz” and its sweet but not too sweet taste). Read on for the scoop. 

Jaffe is a musician of many talents

Jaffe has been playing music since he was just six years old. He later launched his music career as a solo artist before becoming one half of the globe-trotting American duo HONEYHONEY. 

Because life tends to bring things full circle, years later Jaffe released a new full-length solo album titled Oh, Wild Ocean of Love, which felt like a homecoming of sorts. In the album dedicated to all things love, Jaffe showcases his vocals and plays almost every instrument, from electric guitar and drums to keyboard and bass to create a compelling mix of jazz, Motown soul, and R&B vibes. 

Jaffe has also done many other cool things during his career, like making a cameo in the SpongeBob Squarepants cartoon and most recently touring with pop country star Kacey Musgraves—no big deal. 

He values mental wellness and self-worth

Like many of us, Jaffe’s route to wellness has been a journey that started off with its fair share of challenges but eventually led to an improved sense of wellbeing. “My wellness journey began when I realized how much energy it took me to do the things I wanted to do, and I needed to, and I needed to respect that energy,” he shared. And for a busy musician, this is no easy feat. 

Beyond managing his energy, Jaffe’s wellness journey also focused heavily on shifting his mindset and feeling worthy. “I think a lot of people, in general, maybe in the arts and music, have a lot of unhealthy thought strategies around my worth—am I good enough?” he said. “I got to a point where it wasn’t sustainable anymore to think of myself as not worth being able to play or whatever. I feel like that was my first big confrontation with the idea of wellness.”

That realization was definitely a turning point for him. “I think from there; once I was able to kind of begin to reckon with myself in a healthier way, mentally, I could take things more seriously,” he said. “Like how can I serve my home [and] my community the best? I’m just really thankful to be here.”

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