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The creation of CHA with Trey and Ashleigh

The creation of CHA with Trey and Ashleigh

Introducing: CHA.

An elevated sparkling tea with gut-supporting prebiotics. It's from the earth, through our hands, and straight to you, optimized for wherever living takes you.

Cha means tea in many cultures. Kombu-CHA, mat-CHA, sen-CHA. 

Our team has been tirelessly working to perfect 4 delicious, elevated, sparkling tea flavors. We're confident these will redefine the way you enjoy the tea blends you already know and love. We asked Trey & Ashleigh a few questions on how CHA was born...

Q: Can you share a few overall goals for the launch of CHA?

A: We are tea nerds, so with CHA, we really wanted the tea to shine. It’s a lighter-bodied beverage with extracts and botanicals built around the flavor profile of the tea itself.

Q: Did you receive any feedback during the R&D process that helped refine taste / quality?

A: We were constantly innovating and refining during the R&D process. We had several rounds of samples that we shipped out to a few trusted buyers for their feedback and thoughts.

Q: Were there any unexpected challenges or roadblocks?

A: We had initially formulated this product using erythritol, a zero-calorie sweetener. When new research came out about erythritol and it’s potential health concerns, we pivoted and reformulated to eliminate it.

Q: How well does CHA perform compared to competitors in the same space? (this is a bit cheeky, I know)

A: I’ll say that I hope people love CHA as much as we do. So far it’s looking good :)

Q: How are you both feeling about the overall launch?

A: The response to the launch so far has been incredible - we tripled our first week sales goals in the first 24 hours!

Q: Last but not least…can we expect more CHA flavors in the future?

A: You can absolutely expect more Cha flavors in the future. During development, we narrowed our favorite flavors down to 12 gold standards flavors. We had to narrow those down to 4 for the launch, so there are so many more that we can’t wait to share!

For wherever life goes
you deserve the tasty treat you deserve the tasty treat;
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