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Better for Everybody: Meet September

Artist September standing under a tree and pointing to a can of Better Booch organic kombucha

When deciding who to include in our ongoing Better for Everybody campaign spotlighting inspiring creatives in Los Angeles, September, an actor, comedian, boxer, and drinker of Better Booch, topped our list for many reasons.

Like the folks featured before (pro dancer Meagan Kong, raw food chef Mimi Kirk, and musician Ben Jaffe), September, formerly Lucy Hartman, embodies Better Booch’s value of authenticity, prioritizes wellness, and knows a thing or two about living the good life. Plus, they are just straight-up cool to hang out with. Get to know September.

What Wellness Means to September

Besides doing cool things in the creative industry (like a Toyota commercial, NBD), September’s commitment to wellness proves inspiring. Physical well-being typically comes to mind when people think of wellness. But, true wellness encompasses all aspects of our lives, including our emotional and social well-being.

“I would say in the last year, wellness has really been my main focus,” they said. “For me, wellness is surrounding myself with a community of people who really see me and make me feel safe.”

On Doing Things That Bring You Joy

Doing things that spark joy add to the quality of our lives, whether we’re good at them or not. For September, boxing is a big source of happiness. “I started boxing three years ago,” they said. “To tell you the truth, I don’t know that I’ve gotten any better at it since my first month, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. I’m going to keep doing it forever, hopefully.”

On Living as Your Authentic Self

An essential element of wellness, living as your most authentic self isn’t always an easy road. But the effort is worth it.

“It’s difficult being queer, and it’s difficult being out and proud and finding safety and support in the world,” September said. “A turning point was when I had the courage to ask my friends to start using they/them pronouns for me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to make me feel. I ended up feeling really appreciated, and now I can be my true self.”

September also recently underwent top surgery and shared their experience on Instagram. “I’m making a life for myself I never dreamed or pictured,” they wrote in an Instagram post caption. “It’s magical. I’m brimming with gratefulness.” They went on to thank the people in their life who were supportive and ended the post by writing: “I finally feel like I’m rooting myself in myself. It feels like I’m coming home.”

Now that’s true wellness. 

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